Sofia University Gives Thanks to Arthur Hastings

November 21, 2013

Heartfelt Tribute Held for Beloved Colleague and Friend Arthur Hastings


On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 the room was filled with faculty, staff and friends whose lives had been touched by beloved colleague, mentor and friend Arthur Hastings.

Paul Roy facilitated what was to be the last time some would be able to pay respects to Arthur in person. Arthur arrived and was welcomed with a standing ovation from all of his peers; his face truly reflected his sincere appreciation for everyone in the room. Nearly every seat was filled as folks piled in to recall their greatest memories of how Arthur deeply affected their lives. As a mentor Arthur helped many students through dissertations and deciding what next educational paths to take. As a friend and colleague he recorded tapes of well wishes for many who had to undergo surgery.Over 30 people tuned in from all over the world via live stream, to send in their well wishes and kind words. It was amazing to see that Arthur had touched the lives of people from as far as Europe and Japan.

Paul Roy recalled over 20 years ago when he first met Arthur and how he was taken aback by his dedication to his research and his devotion to his family. “Arthur has been the best friend, mentor, teacher and guide I’ve ever had,” said Roy. “He feels how much people love him. I feel privileged to let him know in person how much I love him.”

Arthur’s sense of humor still seemed to be in tact as he laughed and joked throughout the celebration. “One of the things I learned while having this illness is that it has allowed me to expand my interests,” said Arthur as he reached into his bag and pulled out a harmonica. “I rediscovered my American Ace harmonica from childhood.” Arthur then proceeded to play old McDonald and the crowd clapped in unison to his mini performance.

“In addition to teaching you hold the school together,” said University Founder Bob Frager. “He visited every integral piece and cleaned up whatever needed to be done. He has been the caring nurturer of the school and we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for all he contributed.”

Arthur has served in several different capacities here at Sofia University, including standing in as Interim President and Dean. Beloved by many students, faculty and staff, everyone loves his infectious personality and sweet nature. As he is approaching his final days we encourage you to leave a message on Arthur’s Caring Bridge site:

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