New Graduate Degree Programs In Computer Science and Business Planned at Sofia University

Two new programs are in the process of being added to the curricula at Sofia University.

Subject to WASC approval, the university will offer a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration (Starting date will be announced upon WASC approval). Both degrees are planned be offered in onsite and hybrid/online formats, as are other degrees offered at Sofia University. These programs will combine technological development with transpersonal values and skills for the practicing professional.

Sofia CampusSofia University is located in Palo Alto, the heart of the Silicon Valley just minutes away from top companies such as Google, Apple, HP and Facebook.

“The new degree programs will integrate Sofia’s transpersonal expertise with technological and professional training in an innovative curriculum that will provide our students and graduates with the capacity to bridge the well documented social intelligence gap so problematic in many current hi-tech workplaces.” said Kris Brandenburger, Dean of Faculty. “We look forward to working with the next generation of leaders in these technology and business fields, many of whom will become Silicon Valley’s and the world’s future engineers, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.”

Sofia is among a select group of institutions in the nation to require MBA and MS in Computer Science students to fully integrate the humanities and/or transpersonal studies into their graduate studies. “Sofia plans to expand our mission of authenticity, inclusivity and cultural humility to other fields of study.” added Dean Brandenburger.

“We are doing something unique in bringing together two seemingly different worlds of technology and humanistic values in one graduate program. Not only does our curriculum promote creativity, cultural sensitivity and mindfulness, but it brings essential skills and values to the next generation of well-balanced leaders in the workplace,” said Sofia University President Dr. Liz Li.

Students will be able to undertake these innovative graduate programs. In addition to contemporary coursework in their disciplines, Computer Science and MBA applicants can expect to take courses such as “Theories of Personality and Personal Growth”, “The Contemporary Workplace”, “Spiritual and Cultural Values in Today’s Professional Environment”, “Mind and Body Interaction in High Stress Work Environments”, and “Positive Psychology” to name a few.

President Li points out those contemporary industry leaders are looking for individuals who can span the gap between current technology developments and the human interactions and skills that foster effective and successful teamwork in innovative environments. Dr. Li emphasized that “Today’s hi-tech professional must work effectively in groups and work across important cultural boundaries”.


gold seal no backgroundAbout Sofia University

Sofia University is internationally recognized as an academic leader in transformational research and teaching. The Sofia educational model offers students not only a solid intellectual foundation, but an extraordinary opportunity for deep transformational growth and personal experience of the subject matter. Through a well planned blending of technology, science, business and the school’s 40 plus years of leadership in humanistic and transpersonal psychology, graduates can create a substantial, real-world impact.

Sofia University offers a variety of innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs with a choice of delivery modalities for students on campus and abroad.

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