Sofia University Supports Research on the Humanitarian Uses of Drones

November 05, 2014

Sofia University of Palo Alto, California announces its new unmanned aircraft transformational computing certificate program, and Master of Science degree in Computer Science with an optional certificate in unmanned aircraft transformational computing. This groundbreaking set of programs focuses on the transformational, humanitarian uses of drones in the national airspace.

The Federal Aviation Administration plans to integrate drones in the national airspace in 2015 for all civilian users. Sofia University is on the forefront of this integration, promoting the safe, humanitarian uses of drones.

Sofia is focusing on the following uses for drones:

Air Ambulances: Deliver medical supplies such as defibrillators rapidly to patients in need.

Missing Children/Persons: Search for missing children from the air, covering low altitudes for enhanced viewing, and for missing adults suffering from debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Search and Rescue: Conduct searches in the wilderness and at sea to find missing hikers, boaters, and others stranded outdoors. These drones will also provide rescue and medical supplies from the air to assist until help arrives.

Firefighting: Assist with firefighting operations, in order to protect the lives of firefighters and aid in the rapid rescue of victims.  Drones will assist with aerial fire suppression, a dangerous job for pilots that results in the deaths of several aerial firefighting pilots each year.

Wildlife Studies: Study endangered species and their migrations and activities in order to protect wildlife from extinction through enhanced knowledge.

Air Delivery to Handicapped: Deliver supplies to rural handicapped individuals and eliminate the wait for on ground delivery of critical supplies such as medicine, food, and water.

Disaster Support/Relief: Assist rescuers with area surveys to support survivors of a disaster. Drones will deliver immediate aid to trapped individuals awaiting rescue in a disaster. They’ll provide rapid scene assessment to assist in vital command and control decisions to save lives.

Sofia University is dedicated to the its new unmanned aircraft transformational computing certificate program, and Master’s degree in Computer Science focusing on drone computing. Through research in advanced computational technologies, drones can be programmed and built to serve the public in positive, life-saving ways. This technology can also be used in third world countries to aid in disease control, land cultivation and surveying, medical programs, and so much more. Sofia University is proud to lead the way in the transformational uses of drones for a better, safer world.

You’re welcome to send us​ more creative applications on how to use drones to improve our lives.

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