Prof. Fred Luskin: Leading the Way on Forgiveness

Sofia's own Prof. Fred Luskin is one of the most recognized researchers and teachers of forgiveness in the United States. He is the author of the best-selling books Forgive for Love and Forgive for Good.  As both Professor and Chair of the Psy.D. Program in clinical psychology, Prof. Luskin teaches the clinical assessment sequence, as well as quantitative research methods. He... Continue Reading →

Founders Series Launches

Sofia launched our 40-year anniversary as the premier transpersonal school in the heart of the Silicon Valley with our technology and humanist values-based Founders Series in mid-January.  Two Sofia alumni presented their entrepreneurial "Toolbox Project."  Mark A. Collin, MA, MFT, class of ’76 and Chuck Fisher, PhD, class of '86 shared their success story to a warm... Continue Reading →

Sofia’s Prolific Literary Community

January 28, 2015 The subjects of Sofia’s published authors range are vast and include books on happiness, depression, sexuality, Christianity, and the search for a divinely led life. Palo Alto, CA – The heart of our university resides within our Sofia community which include students, both past and present, faculty and staff.  We’ve been fortunate to... Continue Reading →

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