Call For Unity and Diversity In Future Intelligence

IMG_9232 IMG_9228

“We want to create the next level of life,” said Google’s Mohamad Tarifi, PhD, to a packed auditorium of “Consciousness Hackers” at Sofia, as he shared his perspective on the creation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) .  Mohamad’s call for “unity and diversity” as we create the architecture for A.I. was grounded within a solid philosophy of oneness he calls the Law of Spiritual Thermodynamics. “Fear causes separation,” said Mohamad. “As we integrate spiritual intelligence into this new form of life, there will be less fear because non-fear tames fear. We’ll offload our anxiety into a trustworthy source.” Mohamad predicts this A.I. will arise within 30 years.

Mikey Seigel of Sofia’s new Transformative Technology Lab (TTL) hosted this event.    The TTL is hard at work taking mindfulness to the next level. They serve as the epicenter for the emerging technology space that ties together hardware and software, industry and academia, engineers and end users—all in the pursuit of deep and lasting well-being.  Social scientist  Dr. Jeffery A. Martin, also of the TTL has written an engaging story highlighting the “Major Trends In Meditation for 2015.”

The future’s looking bright here at Sofia’s Palo Alto campus — we might just have to buy some new sunglasses.

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