MACP at Sofia University: Whole Person Approaches to Health

Kaye-AilsaMACP Preparation: Marriage and Family Therapy or Professional Clinical Counseling
by Program Chair Kaye-Ailsa Rowan, M.A., MFT
The M.A. in Counseling Psychology prepares our students for Marriage and Family Therapy or Professional Clinical Counseling, two professions that provide counseling services to a wide range of people. Our program has a strong focus on family systems, which means our students are prepared to work with families, couples, and children. It also has an emphasis on integrating spirituality and creative expression.
Our transformative methodology means that students try out many of the skills themselves while working in small groups. For example, we might do a creative expression project in class, or roleplay the skill we are learning. This approach enhances personal growth as well as professional skills. 
The Logistics: Program Design
We offer two formats, Hybrid, in which students are on campus for about 35% of their program and complete the remainder online, and Residential, in which almost all of the classes are held on campus. Both formats include a capstone project: a year of supervised clinical practice in a community agency. Both formats meet the requirements for registering for post-graduate training in California.
For our students who plan to license outside California, we work with them to help identify any additional course work required for their future license. We help them identify resources for completing this work so that their degree will meet their local requirements.
Sofia’s MACP Has Been Setting the Trend for Years
An exciting trend I see in the broader community is an increased integration of transpersonal and systems-based concepts into mainstream psychology. For example, SAMHSA, a government agency, has recognized some forms of somatically-focused therapy as evidence-based treatments for trauma. Also, there’s increased emphasis on working with  the family or the couple from agencies such as the Veteran’s Administration.
Similarly, I am seeing more textbooks and agencies that emphasize resilience, spirituality, and whole-person approaches to mental and emotional health. This increased value on the concepts we teach means that Sofia graduates already have the skills needed for today’s job market.

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