Can art show the continuity of spiritual presence and revelation? Ulises Charles Rodriguez thinks so.

Baraka by Ulises Charles Rodriguez   On Friday, December 11, 2015, Sofia University was honored to present a photography exhibit by Master in Arts in Transpersonal Psychology student and artist, Ulises Charles Rodriguez. On display now, the exhibit, entitled “Baraka”, refers to an Islamic term that means the continuity of spiritual presence and revelation found in objects,... Continue Reading →

Sofia Alumnus Spotlight Chris Guthrey PsyD

December 10, 2015 ALUMNUS SPOTLIGHT: CHRIS GUTHREY, PSYD. Recent 2015 graduate Dr. Chris Guthrey, PsyD. has found success in a new practice in Asheville, North Carolina. Whether hosting individual sessions or weekly group support meetings, Chris specializes with people who want to improve their lifestyle and overall sense of wellness to be healthier and happier mentally, physically... Continue Reading →

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