Why Liberal Arts Studies Are Critical for Job Success

Why Liberal Arts is Critical for All Academic Subjects

alf-487036_1920Taken from the Hechinger Report.….As mainstream universities and colleges cut liberal-arts courses and programs in favor of more vocational disciplines, and the number of students majoring in the humanities continues to decline, unexpected types of institutions are expanding their requirements in the liberal arts with the conviction that these courses teach the kinds of skills employers say they want, and leaders need: critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

It’s important to develop in young people the ability to think broadly, to operate in the context of other societies and become agile and adaptive thinkers,” Trainor said. “What you’re trying to do is teach them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. They’re having to deal with people from other cultures. They have to think very intuitively to solve problems on the ground.

That’s what employers say they need in their new hires, too. Three-quarters want more emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, written and oral communication, and applied knowledge,according to a survey of 318 corporate leaders by the Association of American Colleges and Universities— exactly the kinds of skills advocates for the liberal arts say they teach. Ninety-three percent agree that “a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems” is more important than a job candidate’s undergraduate major.” Brigadier General Timothy Trainor, West Point’s academic dean

Psychology and Business

men-1979261_1920“Psychology is at play in the most important areas of business. It’s the magic bullet and secret keystone to client acquisition, contract negotiation, expansion and growth, sales and marketing and more.

You already live and breathe psychology every day in your business. And the beauty is that you can choose to let your psychology hold you back and keep you struggling to reach your goals or you can decide that you want to producing mind-blowing success every day of your life.

In fact, changing your psychology – and your business psychology tactics – is the easiest and fastest way to create result revolutions. It’s your decision.

[Psychology] is the ultimate foundation for entrepreneurial success.Tapping into the minds and personal motivation of others (it isn’t what you think) makes leaders truly great.” – Peter Shallard

Psychology and Computer Science

Taken from an article at Oregon State University… Have you ever been frustrated trying to figure out how to use an app on your cell phone or, conversely, loved an app because it didn’t take much time to figure out how to use it? It’s called human-computer interaction, and people who understand psychology understand how people think. And that makes for better interactions for people using computing devices, whether it’s a cell phone or iPad app, an Excel spreadsheet, or a complicated database.

Sofia CampusHow Sofia University Can Work for You

Just as the Silicon Valley has been transforming the world we live in and the technology we use, Sofia has now become the university that is transforming the world of psychology, science, business and education.

Building on our strong whole-person psychological foundation, we have pushed the boundary of transdisciplinary education to include this holistic perspective in areas that are needing skills and techniques that enhance creativity, innovation and connectedness in order to thrive in the global arena.

One way to do this is to offer new insights on the use technology in wellness as well as how knowledge of transpersonal, mind, body, spirit practices activate cognitive and emotional centers that allow for new ways of seeing, imagining and creating. Check out life at Sofia below.


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About Sofia University

Sofia University is internationally recognized as an academic leader in transformational research and teaching. The Sofia educational model offers students not only a solid intellectual foundation, but an extraordinary opportunity for deep transformational growth and personal experience of the subject matter. Through a well planned blending of technology, science, business and the school’s 40 plus years of leadership in humanistic and transpersonal psychology, graduates can create a substantial, real-world impact.

Sofia University offers a variety of innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs with a choice of delivery modalities for students on campus and abroad.

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