High Demand – Drone Aeronautics Program In Flight


April 23, 2016

Sofia University’s “Unmanned Aircraft Technology for Computer Scientists” class introduces computer science students to the foundations of aeronautics with an emphasis on unmanned aeronautics.

Armed with this knowledge, computer science students will be able to effectively program unmanned aircraft, from small recreational models to large commercial models, with emphasis on aeronautical safety and security. Drones are becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, and the skills that Sofia University graduates have in the area of drones will be in high demand.

The Drone Computing Program at Sofia University is the first program of its kind in the country, focusing on drone computer science and drone software systems engineering.

Sofia University is proud to lead the industry with this groundbreaking forward looking professional certificate program. Designed for both professionals and those wishing to enter this lucrative field, the certificate program covers the critical areas of unmanned systems computer science and technology that are central to safe and reliable unmanned aircraft systems operations. The certificate covers unmanned aircraft computer and software technologies, vital algorithms that support unmanned aircraft operations and system autonomy, as well as critical software architectures that support anti-collision and auto-land technologies that are central to safe unmanned aircraft operation Learn More about the Drone Certifcate Program

Learn More About Dr. Donna Dulo – Director of Advanced Computational Technologies, Core Faculty.

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