Alumna Julie Gohman, PhD Releases 10 Sacred Questions for Every Mother: Stories of Joy, Pain, and Mind-blowing Love.

Julie Gohman graduated from Sofia University in 2014 from the Global PHD program in Transpersonal Psychology.  Having one book release is always exciting, but now Julie, who has always wanted to be a writer, has released her second book on Amazon titled: 10 Sacred Questions for Every Mother: Stories of Joy, Pain, and Mind-blowing Love. Julie... Continue Reading →

The Struggle with Addiction – Can Sobriety Enhance the Creative Process After All?

By Alumna Holly Daniels, PhD, LMFT As a private practice therapist, Holly incorporates narrative, behavioral and transpersonal modalities and believes that healing involves reconnection to ourselves, to others, to Spirit and to nature. In her role as Clinical Outreach Director at Sober College, Holly integrates her complex clinical expertise with her passions for connecting people... Continue Reading →

In Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Therapy for Women with Primary Breast Cancer, What Factors Account for the Benefits?

By John Rettger, Kathleen Wall, Diana Corwin, Alexandra N. Davidson, David Lukoff  and Cheryl Koopman* PSIT is an integrated psychotherapeutic approach explicitly targeting treatment of the whole person. CAM approaches described in the literature for breast cancer patients typically address the dimensions of thought, body, and emotions; most do not specifically aim to integrate spirituality,... Continue Reading →

Dr. Robert Frager – When The Sufi Talks Heart, Self and Soul

“The core of transpersonal psychology includes the premise that wisdom, creativity, and intuition are essential qualities within each individual. The goal of transformational education is to facilitate our access to our own rich inner resources”- Robert Frager, Ph.D. Founder ITP, Chair META Robert Frager is the founding president of Sofia University. He is the Chair of the Master... Continue Reading →

Can Failing to Forgive Affect Your Health?

This blog post originally appeared on Scopeblog, the link is   Fred Luskin, PhD, a research associate at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and co-founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, as well as Program Chair of the Clinical Psychology program at Sofia University, was asked to respond to your questions about why forgiveness is important for health.... Continue Reading →

16 Spiritual and Religious Competencies for Psychologists

By Cassandra Vieten (Institute of Noetic Sciences and California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute); Ron Pilato ;Kenneth I. Pargament (Bowling Green State University); Shelley Scammell (Institute for Spirituality and Psychology); Ingrid Ammondson (Institute of Noetic Sciences); David Lukoff (Sofia University)     OVERVIEW It is clear from polls of the general public that religion and spirituality are important in most... Continue Reading →

Fred Luskin: Healing with Forgiveness and Gratitude

ABOUT DR. LUSKIN Dr. Frederic Luskin, one of the most recognized researchers and teachers of forgiveness in the United States, is an Executive Core Faculty member, Program Chair for the clinical psychology doctoral program (PsyD) at Sofia University as well as Chair of the Research Ethics Committee. He has clinical licenses as a marriage and family counselor, educational... Continue Reading →

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