Fred Luskin: Healing with Forgiveness and Gratitude



Dr. Frederic Luskin, one of the most recognized researchers and teachers of forgiveness in the United States, is an Executive Core Faculty member, Program Chair for the clinical psychology doctoral program (PsyD) at Sofia University as well as Chair of the Research Ethics Committee. He has clinical licenses as a marriage and family counselor, educational psychologist and clinical psychologist. He also holds credentials in counseling and school psychology.

Dr. Luskin’s core teaching classes at Sofia University  focus on the clinical assessment sequence, as well as quantitative research methods. He has an extensive background in assessment and research, as well as teaching positive psychology.Dr. Luskin is also  a senior consultant in wellness and health promotion at Stanford University, where he teaches the positive psychology class.


Dr. Luskin is one of the most recognized researchers and teachers of forgiveness in the United States. He also teaches workshops on happiness and stress management to groups across the country.

Watch this video: Healing wounds with forgiveness   

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Forgive for good

BeWell @Stanford with Ph.D. Fred Luskin discusses “Forgive For Good“, helping us to think about how we manage stress and move the process from feeling hurt to feeling happy.

Scope blog from Stanford Medicine also published  an article “Learning to Forgive with Fred Luskin, PhD“, sharing insights from the class on forgiving for good. The health benefits of forgiveness are featured in this second Scope blog where Dr. Luskin takes questions  on the health benefits of forgiving.


Ten Proven Skills for Eliminating Stress in Daily Life? Who wouldn’t want to learn more? Authors Dr. Fred Luskin and Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier spent years researching, honing and testing these skills among a diverse group of Americans in order to provide a practical approach to a happier and healthier life.  Stress Free for Good is easy to use and starts working immediately.



A 7-Step Program for Creating and Maintaining Love is the focus of Dr. Luskin’s book Forgive for Love  Teaching easy-to-learn forgiveness skills that will not only resolve immediate conflicts but improve the overall happiness and longevity of your relationships reminds us that if your relationship is healthy, they choosing to change your own views by accepting imperfection and forgiving.

If you would like more information on the doctor of psychology program at Sofia University, please click here.


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