5 Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

By Liam Austin–Founder of Small Today
Finding success outside of the university experience can be daunting. This June, we decided to focus on sharing some career tips and success stories to help you move toward capturing that coveted job, or at least the attention of a few great recruiters or organizations. Let us know what you think!
The Sofia U Marketing Team

I’ve listened to a number of experts claim that too many LinkedIn users forget to promote their biggest asset – their personality. With over 400 million users worldwide, it’s your best chance to differentiate yourself from the masses and get seen by the right people.

So what can you do to increase visibility through your personality?socialmouths_self-promotion

Here are my top tips to get you started:

1. Always write the summary session in first person –  your profile will come alive when this section is less abstract.

2. Don’t hold back on showing your vision, beliefs and values. This will definitely get you a step closer to your dream clients. If they see you sharing important core values, chances are much higher that you will get along and appreciate working together.

3. Let your profile picture show your personality – you can still keep it professional. Wear a color that represents you, try different poses like looking a bit to the sid3649959539_e9a80b984be. And don’t forget to SMILE! Done the right way it will not come across unprofessional, but portray you as friendly and fun to work with.

4. Be memorable by showing intelligence and humour when participating in LinkedIn discussions – always keep it professional, but with a twist to let people get to know you.

5. Ask yourself; what are 3 key highlights in your life/career/business? Write them down and pull out the common threads. Why? This will tell you a lot of what you have to offer and what makes you special – make sure you use this in your profile.

Where did I learn this?

From the 37 experts at the LinkedIn Success Summit.

I’ve used LinkedIn for years, but there were so many things I needed to improve, change and start doing. Have I seen results? Yes.

You can too!

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