What can I do with an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology?

So what is Transpersonal Psychology?

At Sofia University, transpersonal psychology is described as the study of an individual’s highest potential for the betterment of humanity and the sustainability of the planet. An article by  Study.com  added that the focus of transpersonal psychology is to better understand human consciousness and experience using multiple disciplines as well as helping  individuals develop spiritually, emotionally and personally.

Poirier Teaching Developmental Psychology

Transpersonal psychologists work across disciplines and draw on insights from not only the various areas of psychology, but also the sciences of cognition, consciousness, and the paranormal; philosophy; social and cultural theory; integral health theories and practices; poetry, literature, and the arts; and, the world’s spiritual and wisdom traditions.

What careers are available for transpersonal psychologists?

Careers in Psychology.org advises that there are a variety of jobs for Transpersonal Psychology Masters graduates, and it all depends upon their level of education and their career goals. Transpersonal psychologists often spend time in research facilities studying the effect of spirituality and holistic living on the overall health of individuals, in educational settings, and in corporate settings as well. Just a few of the positions often held by these professionals include but are not limited to the following:

Educators/ Teaching Positions
Entrepreneurship such as Corporate Consulting
Healthcare professionals/ Counseling and Therapy
Research Positions
Life Coaching
Alternative practitioners such as Art Therapy



Teachers and health care workers can employ analytic thinking abilities when evaluating statistical data and use research methods when performing psychological experiments and writing scholarly articles.

Master’s degree holders with several years of experience in business and industry can obtain jobs in consulting and marketing research, while other master’s degree holders may find jobs in government, universities, or the private sector as counselors, researchers, data collectors and analysts. Today, most master’s degrees in psychology are awarded in Clinical, Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O) which enjoy established occupational niches. I/O psychology focuses on the relationships of individuals to the workplace environment, organizations, and other employees.

Persons with master’s degrees in clinical, counseling, school and testing and measurement psychology often work under the direction of a doctoral psychologist. Some jobs in industry — for example, in organizational development and survey research — are held by both doctoral- and master’s-level graduates. But industry and government jobs that focus on compensation, training, data analysis and general personnel issues are often filled by those with master’s degrees in psychology.

Life coaches help clients create plans to reach their life goals, while at the same time boosting clients’ self-awareness and confidence. Prospective life coaches often receive their training through a program accredited by the International Coach Federation or through certificate or degree programs at a university. Sofia University offers both a stand alone certificate program as well as a Masters degree with a certification in Life Coaching. 

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University Alumni Highlights

Giaconda ParkerGiaconda Parker, M.A. with specialization in Spiritual Psychology

“I teach yoga because it breaks me open. This path leaves me tender, and sometimes so vulnerable it’s hard to get up in front of a room full of people and feel strong enough to lead a class. But in vulnerability we find true strength. And if I ask my students to let themselves be opened by their practice, how can I offer anything less?”  Giaconda Parker  

Read more about Gia by clicking here.


Micah LintonMicah Linton, M.A. with specialization in Creativity and Innovation

Micah Linton, in conjunction with UCLA’s Creative Mind Project, runs the Arts and Healing program at Safe Place for Youth (SPY) in Venice, CA where he brings in facilitators offering modalities ranging from yoga and mindful meditation to mandala making and 3D printing for homeless youths aged 12-25. He is a doctoral student in the Psy.D program at Ryokan College where he facilitates creative expression groups with diverse populations. This has assisted him in developing insights vital to his dissertation and has also served as the conceptual basis for a virtual reality project under development. Micah is a visual artist.


Channell Jaramillo, M.A. with specialization in Spiritual Psychology

Channell Jaramillo is currently teaching yoga in a rehabilitation center to individuals with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries as well as doing workshops and trainings that introduce people to yoga from an adaptive model. She coaches in private practice and is an adjunct faculty at the College of St. Mary’s in Omaha, Nebraska where she teaches psychology. After finishing her master’s degree at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology she continued on to the Sofia online PhD program. She graduated in May of 2014.


Elena PagesElena Pages, M.A.

Elena Pages has felt the calling to teach and help others all of her life. At the moment, she teaches math yet finds it to be merely the content of the work. She believes that the “work beneath the work” is to help her high school and community college students be successful and move forward in their lives.

Elena discovered that she has a natural ability to guide others as they find their purpose and meaning in life. Elena came to Sofia University because of a keen interest in spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, near-death experiences, and multicultural diversity. In fact, she believes that multicultural awareness is the key to transpersonal transformation and spiritual growth. Elena graduated in June 2017.

She plans to continue inspiring students by integrating her transpersonal education into her teaching career; she also hopes to expand her knowledge through cultural studies. Sofia has helped Elena to deepen her spirituality and authenticity. Now that she has strengthened her own transpersonal awareness, she wants this to be fully expressed in her personal and professional life.


Juan-Carlos Piñeiro, M.A. with a specialization and certificate in Spiritual Psychology and Transpersonal Ecopsychology

Juan-Carlos Piñeiro is a yoga teacher, spoken word poet and educator who currently directs the Center for Student Involvement on a college campus on the East Coast. He combines his passion for higher education with transpersonal psychology in an effort to better serve the students he advises and teaches.

“The G-MATP program has granted me the tools necessary to assist college students and ease the challenges they experience as emerging adults. By synthesizing my experiences in this program, I’ve been able to guide them in their leadership, social, and life skill development. This benefits their personal and professional lives.” Upon graduation, Juan-Carlos intends to develop a dynamic and transpersonally oriented curriculum that holistically aids diverse emerging adults in becoming their authentic selves. Find out more about Juan-Carlos at www.juancarlosom.com


Jennifer Nagrath, M.A. with two specializations and a certificate in Creativity and Innovation, Spiritual Psychology, and Transpersonal Ecopsychology

Jennifer Nagrath is a social services advocate, leader, and strategist. She co-founded a non-profit organization designed to empower Asian Americans through its community programs.  This Cincinnati-based organization focuses on health and wellness, youth leadership, aging and caregiving, refugee programs, and victims of abuse.

She chose to attend the masters program in order to nourish her own well-being and to elevate her consciousness so that she can focus her professional mission with more clarity, direction, and innovation. Her humanitarian work has become more experiential, dynamic, and soulful as a result of her education. Her hope is that Asian American perspectives are respected as integral parts of the greater Cincinnati community.


Associations for Transpersonal Psychology

There are a few different reputable organizations for transpersonal psychologists, including the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, European Transpersonal Association, Eurotas. and the American Psychological Association. The associations mentioned are great resources for finding continuing education sources.  They also provide opportunities to share your knowledge as a speaker. Psychologists who have the ability to attend conferences and workshops within their industry should definitely do so. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn new trends within the industry, as well as network with like-minded professionals.


itp-logo_largeAbout The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University

Since 1975, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University has continued to be an international leader and pioneer, moving humanity forward in the areas of transpersonal research and transpersonal education. training clinicians, spiritual guides, wellness caregivers, and consultants who apply transpersonal principles and values in a variety of settings.  The Sofia educational model offers students not only a solid intellectual foundation, but an extraordinary opportunity for deep transformational growth and personal experience of the subject matter. How does Sofia University accomplish this? The university builds upon its strong, whole-person psychological foundation to give students a greater understanding of the human condition.


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