Just Published! The Spectrum of Gratitude Experience by John Elfers and Patty Hlava

January 30, 2017 Alumnus and Associate Core Faculty John Elfers, Ph.D. and former faculty member Patty Hlava, have just published their new book, The Spectrum of Gratitude Experience. The book extends the subject of gratitude to include transpersonal gratitude, a perspective often missing in discussions of gratitude in positive psychology and social psychology. Read John and Patty’s blog describing the... Continue Reading →

A Transcendent View of Gratitude

  "In transpersonal gratitude the “other” is no longer a gift or a person, but a recognition of benefit that comes from a source beyond the self or through a deep connection with nature." John Elfers & Patty Hlava The goal of this study was to examine the understanding of gratitude as a complex emotion... Continue Reading →

The Mind and Healing Mantras – Is This the Best Way to Address Healing in Others? Part 8 – Diverse Perspectives on Healing

by Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D.,  Program Chair at Sofia University for the PhD in Transpersonal Psychology programs In this final edition of Diverse Perspectives on Healing, Alan Wallace, a Tibetan Buddhist scholar and practitioner, articulates the importance of the mind in healing. In contrast to Sequoyah Trueblood, whom we heard from previously in this series, Wallace ascribes... Continue Reading →

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