It’s Time for Data Ethics Conversations at Your Dinner Table

This opinion piece has been contributed by Lucy C. Erickson, Natalie Evans Harris and Meredith M. Lee, three members of the D4GX community. All three authors contributed equally to this piece.   Retreieved from With 2.5 quintillion records of data created every day, people are being defined by how they travel, surf the Internet, eat, and live their lives.... Continue Reading →

Breathing in Running: How to Use the Rolling Breath

Timur Crone, MA is a USATF certified running coach and an alumnus with an MA in Counseling Psychology from ITP at Sofia University, as well as a Chi Arts Association Taoist Mind-Body Mastery Teacher, Reposturing bodyworker, and Life Coach. His article has been reblogged  from: By Timur Crone I get many questions about breathing in running.... Continue Reading →

Big Boys Don’t Cry and Girls Are Drama Queens – Is it True?

Retrieved from: By Khursheed Kanga   What is it about crying, that brings out different reactions in men and women? Why do women cry more easily and men rarely? What about people who don’t cry? As children we have all experienced bursts of tears during the various episodes of normal living. The impulse to deeply cry... Continue Reading →

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