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Bio: Sofia is internationally recognized as an academic leader in transformational research and teaching and is the premier transpersonal school in the heart of the Silicon Valley with its technology and humanist values-based education. We are a private, non-sectarian school offering graduate and undergraduate programs at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and technology.

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  1. I received my Masters and Ph.D. from ITP/Sophia back in 2009 and 2012, respectively. When I would come out to CA once or twice a year for seminar, one of the things I remember most fondly was the way the faculty members created mental space for what was about to go on at a class or meeting. They would either have a nice ritual or a meditation in which we would get grounded and set our intentions. I always found it helped us to bond as a group, show consideration and respect for each other, and to accomplish what we set out to. I wonder if you could do a blog post on this tradition. I remember Nancy Rowe being particularly good at it. Could you possibly interview her and other faculty members to talk about how it is done, some ideas of what works best, and so forth? I find that the some polarity and antagonistic behavior that is going on in our national politics has filtered down to a local level. I would like some suggestions for how to recreate the sacred space for people to meet, like our teachers at ITP did.
    Thank you.


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